March Microadventures

March was a bit of a mixed-up and muddled month for us. We were hit by back-to-back illnesses in the middle of the month that floored us for a couple of weeks, and then after a brief respite when we were all well enough to get out into the good weather, our 2-year-old daughter caught chicken pox on the last day of the month. I am, however, making an effort to focus on the little microadventures we enjoyed despite it all, instead of dwelling on the days spent at home (and hospital!) feeling poorly.

At the start of the month, lighter days and better weather had us seeking out places to visit just a bit further away than our usual haunts, and we spent sunny afternoons strolling along the bonnie banks of Loch Lomond at Balloch Country Park, and skimming stones (or just making big splashes) by the water at Helensburgh.

We also had our first family swimming trip, and in the space of an hour, our daughter progressed from crying and clinging to us to calmly floating around in her rubber ring and kicking her legs while we held her hands. My husband and I used to go swimming every week but this was our first time back in the pool in over two years, and a couple of years of the pandemic and parenthood have definitely taken a toll on our fitness, but it felt good to swim a few lengths and we’ll definitely be back again soon with our daughter in tow.

Back at home, we’ve been enjoying playing in the garden and eating dinner in the summerhouse on light, warm evenings, and there were surprise flowers, a homemade truffle and card waiting for me on Mother’s Day.

This weekend has been unexpectedly tiring and stressful as the little one was sent home early from nursery with suspected chicken pox on Friday (later confirmed by the pharmacist) and she didn’t seem to bothered by it, but she was very restless on Saturday night with a stubbornly high fever of 39Β°C, and by morning she had developed an angry, red rash that didn’t look like the ordinary chicken pox spots. We took her to A&E to get checked over, and they suspected a secondary infection and decided to keep her in overnight to give her IV antibiotics (the cannula is probably one of her least favourite things along with covid swabs), though luckily we were allowed to stay with her. With 3 hourly checks and 6 hour meds through the night, it wasn’t the most restful sleep we’ve ever had but by this morning her stats were stable and improving, and she was discharged just before lunch. It’s a relief to be home again, and see the little one slowly recovering.

Between bad weather, lingering Covid19 restrictions and bouts of illness, it’s been a long winter and I’m so glad to feel the sun’s warmth again, see daffodils flowering and to notice the arrival of spring once more. Take care and have a lovely week. X

8 thoughts on “March Microadventures

  1. So sorry about the chicken pox and scare you had. My granddaughter Baby P got chicken pox last month too from nursery.She was spotty and a bit hot, but biggest worry was keeping her from knocking the scabs. I love the pics of her out and about.

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  2. Glad you all enjoyed your swimming trip. πŸ™‚ Sorry about the chicken pox though, that’s so scary that you had to do a hospital trip. Good to hear she’s on the mend now. πŸ™‚ I caught chicken pox at the grand old age of 15 which wasn’t very nice. At least she’s got it over with now. X

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  3. Sorry to hear you have all been ill. I think it must be the month for it! The photos of Loch Lomond look great. It’s wonderful to see some spring weather finally. It is really nice to be able to go swimming again isn’t it! 😊

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    1. Thanks, hopefully past the worst of it now. We’re really lucky that Loch Lomond is just a short drive away, I think it’s one of those places I’m so used to visiting that I forget how famous it is. ☺️ Hope you’re keeping well and enjoying spring! 🌸


  4. It looks gorgeous. Must be great to have it nearby. 😊 We have the Peak District about an hour away which is lovely. Hope you have an illness free month and enjoy spring too. 🌷

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