Back Again

As soon as travel restrictions were lifted in Scotland, we took a trip to our favourite beach, Croy Shore in South Ayrshire. We’d normally visit in January, often on New Year’s Day for a bracing walk along the coast, but that wasn’t possible this year due to lockdown; instead our first visit of 2021 was on a sunny Spring day with blue skies above, waves gently lapping the shoreline, sands stretching out for miles ahead and temps just hitting double figures. I was so glad to see the familiar sights of the curving coastline, Turnberry lighthouse (now part of a luxury resort owned by a former U.S. President), Culzean Castle to the South and the hazy outline of the Isle of Arran across the sea.

We had to planned to let our daughter just toddle about on the sands but she surprised us with her fearlessness by running straight towards the sea and splashing about in the waves grinning and squealing with laughter.

Croy Shore has been the setting for so many memories between me and my husband, we’ve come here to gather our thoughts, clear our minds and contemplate some of our biggest decisions, yet on this day we were just content to stroll along letting our little girl dictate the pace and direction, making some new memories as a family, and savouring the first taste of freedom after so many months of lockdown.

Take care, and have a lovely week. X

12 thoughts on “Back Again

  1. Gorgeous pictures, and isn’t it good to be allowed out again. Tell me did she sit down in the sea? First time we took our grandson he ran straight into the sea and sat down. He repeated this on the next two occasions until we learned.

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    1. It’s wonderful to have a bit of freedom again, hope that was our last lockdown. She did! She was mostly paddling about but sat down to splash the water and dig in the sand once as well, the waves were very gentle and tide was out so didnt have to worry, luckily I had extra clothes to change into for the journey home though! X


    1. Yeah, it’s been lovely exploring our local area and finding new walks but I’ve missed the variety, and especially the beach – hope you enjoyed your time beside the seaside. X


  2. Really lovely to hear about you enjoying a bit more freedom again . Your writing really captures the joy in life. Great photos too. Love the bit about your daughter running straight towards the sea. 😊 x

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