New Year Greetings

I always like to take some time at the end of one year and the start of another to reflect on the wins and losses, the lessons and changes of the year just passed. 2020 was an emotional roller-coaster of love, joy, gratitude, sorrow, fear and frustration as a pandemic interrupted our lives and turned the world upside down.

My personal low-point of the year was when my nanna passed away in February, though in retrospect it seems like a blessing in disguise because she was spared the confusion, anxiety and loneliness of months under lockdown in a care home, but I still miss her and think of her often.

Our daughter’s birth – also in February – was easily the highlight of our year, and though we’ve had to find our way without any of the supports and services that most other new parents can rely on, it’s been such a delight getting to know our little girl and watching her grow from a sleepy, squirming newborn to a strong-willed, curious and boisterous 11-month-old.

I received a further piece of good news in July when 13 months after experiencing temporary blindness in my left eye (which has never fully recovered), I was invited for an MRI of my brain, neck, shoulders and spine to check for signs of a neurological disorder. It was such a relief when the results came back normal which gives me low odds of developing M.S.; the neurologist was as surprised as I was – I don’t think he gets to give good news often.

We had a scare in September when our cat, Mara, suddenly became the most unwell we’ve ever seen her, she has thankfully recovered but I’m very aware that she’s getting older, and we’re so lucky she’s still with us.

We ended the year by celebrating Christmas with close family, and it meant the world to us to have some time together after months of distance and separation, but like millions of others across the UK we woke up under another lockdown on Boxing Day. It feels like we’re stuck in limbo until the vaccination program takes effect, but for now I’m just trying to focus on the day ahead of me and count my blessings. Wishing everyone a very Happy New Year. X

11 thoughts on “New Year Greetings

      1. Things have gotten worse haven’t they since you posted. I’m confident that come April things will be better. We just need to batten the hatches until then. xx

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  1. Great post. It sounds like you have had an eventful year. Glad you had the good result health wise. That must have been scary. Roll on the day there will be no more lockdowns and everyone can get out safely! X

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    1. Thanks, happy new year to you. It was a great relief, we’d been having some very serious discussions about the future before that, I can be a bit pessimistic at times. It will be wonderful when this is all over and we can meet our loved ones and go where we please again. Take care. X

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      1. Happy new year to you too! So pleased it turned out well for you. It must have been a huge relief. You are always lovely and positive in your posts. The end of all this will be most welcome won’t it! You daughter looks a joy. My boys are 18 and 20 now. I miss those early years! X

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      2. It all passes so quickly, especially the infant stage. I’m always torn between excitement about who’s she going to be when she’s walking and talking, but also wanting her to stay tiny. ☺️ Thank you for your lovely, kind comment. X

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  2. It is great when they start walking and talking and you see more of their characters shine through. It does fly by though! X


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