Happy Fifth Anniversary to Mara!

My little muse and constant companion

Just tapping out a quick post at the end of an unexpectedly hectic weekend to note that it was five years ago today that we adopted our cat, Mara. It feels like we’ve been through quite a lot together in a relatively short length of time from moving out of the little, rented flat we lived in when we adopted her to our own house, nursing her back to health after cancer and having her tail amputated – and again last month when she suddenly became unwell, to the arrival of our daughter earlier this year. Throughout everything, Mara has shown such resilience and courage, and her trust in us has never wavered. Mara really is a very special cat, and I’m so grateful to be able to spoil her a little bit more than normal today.

Unfortunately, Mara is still a bit unsure and scared about the battery-powered, revolving butterfly toy we bought her (she seems to prefer her feathery wand toys) but she was much more enthusiastic about the roast chicken we gave her as a special treat.

We’ve spent most of the weekend isolating at home after our 8-month-old daughter came down with what we suspected was just the common cold but as she had a cough we thought we’d better get tested, and her two bottom teeth decided to make their appearence this weekend as well. No sooner had we received the negative test result than my husband took himself off to bed to nurse his own cold. I’ve had my hands full this weekend, but nevertheless, very grateful to celebrate Mara’s fifth anniversary with us. Take care, and have a lovely week. X

16 thoughts on “Happy Fifth Anniversary to Mara!

  1. Mara looks absolutely gorgeous with her big eyes, beautiful tabby pattern and white fur. You must be very attached to her having gone through all that together. I love how she doesn’t shy away from your daughter as some cats do with young children. Brilliant news your daughter’s illness was just a cold and hope your husband feels better soon! Great photos. Happy 5th anniversary to Mara! πŸ₯³

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    1. Yes, she’s a big part of our little family, and we’re so lucky to still have her. Our wee girl adores animals, and she starts grinning and bouncing with excitement whenever she spots Mara, for her part, Mara tolerates having her fur pulled and ears grabbed with great stoicism but takes herself off when it gets too much or our daughter gets too loud. X


      1. Their little relationship sounds adorable. My boys are 18 and 19 now, and we have 2 cats, Billy and Molly. Molly in particular will go the boys for some fuss, and late at night when they are still up!. We used to have Tortoiseshell rescue cat called Maisy when the boys were younger but she just gave them a wide berth! To have her fur pulled and ears grabbed she must also like your little girl a lot !

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      2. Pets add so much to family life, they often make the best confidants and playmates for children. I think Mara has grudgingly accepted that our daughter is here to stay but I can see them being snuggle buddies when the wee one is a bit older. X

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    1. She’s a wee sweetheart. We’re alright, though we’re in the central belt, we’re fairly reclusive so hopefully low risk but missing our family and friends a lot as the weather has been too cold and wet to meet outside and we’re not supposed to travel to other areas. How have you been? X


      1. Not too bad..still heading out to work everyday while hubby works at home. Our current restrictions are due to end in 2 weeks so still a while to go. I think my parents are struggling a little though now..both in their late 70s. Its tough for everyone isn’t it ?

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      2. I think there’s been a gradual recognition that life won’t just go back to normal anytime soon and many people are facing a long and potentially lonely winter. I just keep trying to count my blessings. Take care. X


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