Capturing Castles at Mugdock Country Park

Situated 10 miles North of Glasgow and just a short drive for us, we’ve only visited Mugdock Country Park a handful of times, but I can see it becoming one of our regular jaunts because it’s such a fun place to wander and explore.

We’ve generally avoided parks and crowded places during the pandemic, and Mugdock Country Park seems to be popular with young families, dog walkers and cyclists, as well as people walking the West Highland Way, which cuts across the park, yet the only crowded area was the visitor centre where the toilets, cafe and children’s play park are all located, while the paths and walks around the grounds allowed plenty of space to keep a safe distance from others.

We followed the path from the Visitor Centre past the ruins of Craigend Castle through the woods, around Mugdock Loch before having a ramble about – and a little picnic – in the Mugdock Castle ruins before returning to the visitor centre and car park. It was a lovely family day out giving us a chance to stretch our legs and clear our heads while we explored.

With national and local restrictions around socialising in place and so much uncertainty hanging over the rest of the year, I’m so grateful that we’re still able to get out for little adventures around our beautiful country. Take care, and have a lovely week. X

10 thoughts on “Capturing Castles at Mugdock Country Park

  1. Sounds like a lovely family day. Like you say you can start to avoid certain places because of the crowds, but often once you get away from the central bit often a bit of peace can be found where there aren’t too many people about. Your photos look lovely. I certainly appreciate those sort of days much more now than I did.

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    1. We’re normally quite active and go to lots of events through the year but as that’s not been possible, we’ve been enjoying nature and visiting places that we might have overlooked before. It’s been a real lesson not to take anything for granted though. X

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      1. Tell me about it. We were going to Paris, Kendal Calling festival and quite a few concerts this year but plans changed. It certainly has changed how I think and I am certainly more appreciative of nature and places closer to home. Really enjoyed collecting conkers yesterday and going back to the library today 😊 Its been nice to have some warm weather again.

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      2. Yes, I agree. A slower and more simple way of life and appreciating what’s around you. I like standing under large trees and just looking upwards. I never did this before!

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  2. Looks a nice place for a wander. Glad you can still get out and about. I feel lucky that the area where I live hasn’t had a local lockdown yet. However we are surrounded by areas that are, which is frustrating. X

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    1. It’s frustrating for us too because we’ve been very careful about where we go and who we see, but we’ve been caught up in a local lockdown anyway. Fingers crossed, the rate of infection reduces again before winter sets in. X


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