Easter Greetings


Easter weekend coincided with spring sunshine and warmth this year, and normally we’d be heading out for day-trips or visiting family, but with the country still in lockdown we’ve spent most of the weekend at home, savouring the simple pleasures and little luxuries of hot cross buns and cherry blossom tea in the garden.

This isn’t how I expected to spend my maternity leave, and although I’d planned to join the bookbug sessions at our library and the local baby sensory group, I’m quite content to potter around the house and garden with the wee one. I feel very fortunate to be able to stay at home with my daughter when so many others are risking their health at work during the pandemic. My husband had only just returned to work after a month off on paternity leave before the lockdown began and he’s been working from home since, but it’s been lovely having him around to help out and enjoying more time together.


Luckily, our little daughter is too young to understand what’s going on and it’s easy to entertain her at home. We’ve been filling our days with tummy-time, singing nursery rhymes and reading picture books, pulling faces at each other, and she’s been rewarding us with lots of smiles. Now nine weeks old, our baby is so alert, her blue eyes wide open observing the world around her.

We’ve also been venturing out most days for our government-approved walk around the neighbourhood for some gentle exercise, zig-zagging across the street to avoid others we encounter, and spotting all the rainbows in the windows and decorating the streets for the NHS staff and other key workers still working hard.

Pram Walks

The last few weeks have been disorienting and overwhelming at times, but we’re trying to make the best of it, enjoying our time together and embracing a slower pace of life. Wishing everyone a happy Easter and a lovely week. X

9 thoughts on “Easter Greetings

    1. Yeah, apart from missing our families, not much has changed for us during lockdown. I feel incredibly lucky to have a garden right now, and decided to plant as many perennials and bulbs as I could last year, which is really paying off now. X


  1. Bless her she’s gorgeous. I loved pushing my pram out every afternoon when I had my first son, I’d walk miles with him, proud Mum, just like you. Enjoy this time with hher, it’s soon gone.

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    1. Thanks, we’re still enjoying the novelty of it all (all those firsts!) but we’re lucky she has a lovely temperament, and she feeds and sleeps well so we can appreciate her at this stage. 😊 Take care. X


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