A New Year’s Day Walk on the Beach

Arran and the Holy Isle

We were up bright and early yesterday for a New Year’s Day walk at our favourite beach, Croy Shore in Ayrshire. We never remember to check the tides before visiting but we were happy to discover that it was out when we arrived giving us an opportunity to meander towards the rocky outcrops that are usually inaccessible when the tide is in.

Strolling side by side with our hoods up against the chill wind and the sun warming our backs, the pale blue skies gave us a perfect view of the Isle of Arran and the Holy Isle. My spouse and I weren’t brave enough to take a dip in the sea, but it was a refreshing walk and felt like we were breathing in all the hope of a new year and letting go of the year before. I always feel inspired by new beginnings, and it’s exciting to think of all the opportunities to meet new people, visit new places, try new experiences, to learn and grow that a new year promises.

This week I’m enjoying a few more days off at home before we put the Christmas decorations away for another year, we return to work and normality resumes. Happy New Year and have a lovely week! X

4 thoughts on “A New Year’s Day Walk on the Beach

  1. For some reason this post didn’t appear in my reader. I read Amanda’s post, saw your comment and bobbed by.
    New year’s Day was the perfect day for a beach walk wasn’t it. We had a lovely walk near home, but all these Coastal posts make me want to head for the sea. Your favourite beach looks stunning. 🙂

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    1. Yeah, had to contact help & support about it as you’re not the only one who couldn’t see it in their reader. Thanks, a walk by the coast is a lovely way to blow away the ghosts of the old year. For some reason, it seems to be relatively unknown so we usually only have to share it with a few local dog walkers. X


    1. Thanks, it’s a lovely beach and one of my favourite places in the world. It can be crowded during the summer, but seems to be a hidden gem most of the year. Not sure why the post disappeared but never mind! ☺

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