Pottering around with houseplants


Winter still hasn’t given way to spring yet in our part of the country, and another snowfall at the weekend prevented us from making a start in the garden, but I’ve been pottering around the house tending my little collection of houseplants instead.

Our house is a long way from becoming one of the lush urban jungles to be found on Instagram, and I’ve killed more plants than I’d like to admit but I’ve gradually collected and nurtured a little selection of succulents, ferns, fittonia and, of course, a seemingly infallible spider-plant. Decorating the plant pots was a rainy day project – though like all my crafts they’re a bit rough around the edges.

As our cat, Mara, is a nibbler, we only have plants that are safe for pets, and the ASPCA provide helpful lists of toxic and non-toxic plants.

I’ve had no luck at all propagating succulents, but I’ve had much more success propagating spiderettes from the spider-plant. I’ve already given one to my dad, another to my best friend, and I’ve just potted up a few more to give to a couple of friends and my husband, who wants one for his desk at work.

Determined not to repeat some of the rookie mistakes we made last year, I’ve started our courgettes and squash plants off inside. I’m also attempting to grow chilli peppers from seed; the cayenne seedlings have already surfaced, and I’m hoping the poblano will sprout soon too.

Meanwhile in the garden…


Have a lovely week! X


17 thoughts on “Pottering around with houseplants

      1. The secret to propagating most succulents is to let the cutting end callous over before you put it into damp soil. The cutting will rot otherwise. I learnt this after a broken leaf that had lain unnoticed for weeks grew tiny plants without any substrate at all. When I transferred it to a plant pot it raced away. 😉

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  1. I love your pots. They are gorgeous! I have killed few plants too. 😦 In fact I have one at home that I might throw out. 😦 And one of my succulents crumbled to bits! But Some are looking happy. Phew! The iris peeking from the snow. What a fab pic. Hope it survives. X

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    1. Thanks. 😊 I’ve just repotted my succulents and some of them struggling to root. I really want a pachira aquatica, but they’re big and I’ve no space for it at the moment. The iris was a lovely surprise, a little reminder that while we’re all grumbling about the snow, nature’s just getting on with it. X


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