Awakening from Hibernation

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I often think January is a month ill-suited to starting our New Year’s Resolutions as it’s the middle of winter and many of us are still recovering from the busy-ness and excess of the festive period. By February though, we’re usually awakening from our winter hibernation and ready to start tackling some of the goals and resolutions we’ve set ourselves.

One of our goals this year is to reduce how much food we waste. Food is a necessity but it’s also become one of our biggest expenditures after housing and transport, and I feel guilty when it goes to waste. To help us achieve our goal, we’ve been planning our meals in advance and we’ve bought a set of Pyrex dishes so we can cook some of our meals in bulk and freeze the extra portions for quick and healthy midweek suppers. We’re also going to continue growing some of our own fruit, vegetables and herbs in our little garden and composting our kitchen waste.

The gradually increasing daylight has given us a much-needed energy boost, and I’ve enjoyed getting back into our fitness routines, like swimming and my yoga class. Yoga has been a key component of my self-care over the last few years, as aside from the physical benefits, focusing on my breathing and immersing myself in physical activity helps me to clear my mind. This year I’d like to focus on improving my spine flexibility and increasing the number of sun salutations I can do without collapsing in exhaustion because I’d love to participate in a yogathon someday. I’m keeping my goals simple because as my yoga instructor often reminds us, yoga is as much about self-acceptance as it is about self-improvement. My husband and I have also signed up for salsa dancing classes. We learned how to foxtrot for our first dance, but took a break from classes after our wedding, and we’re excited to start our classes again as dancing’s a fun and romantic hobby to share together.

One resolution that’s already well under way in our home is resetting our cat’s breakfast routine with Pavlovian behavioural modification. Over the winter Mara had been waking us up earlier and earlier by pawing our faces, knocking things off our bedside tables and scrambling across our pillows, but we’ve gradually retrained her to stop waking us up at 4am, and she’s now allowing us a whole extra hour of sleep, which is a vast improvement as far as we’re concerned! After Mara’s had her breakfast, she always comes back to bed for a snuggle, which almost makes up for our rude awakening.

How are your resolutions going?

Have a lovely week. X

10 thoughts on “Awakening from Hibernation

  1. Poor you being woken at 04:00 – and poor Mara being kept waiting for her breakfast :). I have five cats and I leave dry food out all the time, disposing each morning of any left over from the day before. There’s never much, as like you I don’t like to waste food, human or kitty, o I don’t overfill the bowls. You might get a longer lie in if Mara can help herself. 🙂

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    1. We tried free feeding Mara but she just gobbles it all up, now she gets three meals a day but it doesn’t seem to matter when she gets her last meal, she’s always impatient for breakfast. Apparently Mara likes a good breakfast when she’s got a hard day of sleeping, bird watching and mischief ahead of her. ☺️

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  2. Slinky also insists on having breakfast at 4am. We were knackered! In the end we resorted to getting her an automatic cat feeder off Amazon. It automatically dishes out her breakfast every morning…and we do not get woken any longer. X

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    1. We have an automatic feeder for when we go away overnight but our naughty little snaffler has worked out how to pull the lid off. Mara’s very determined and persistent when it comes to food! ☺️ X


  3. Oh no! I can’t function without sleep! glad to see the re-training is working!

    I agree wholeheartedly, Spring is a much better time to begin looking forward. I do a little yoga, it has really helped my flexibility I prefer it on my own because I struggle with arthritis in my feet! I think it is from doing ballet in my teens and then 21 years of dancing! Salsa is such fun the music is uplifting, the perfect activity for a couple! It also opens up your social life – I’ve been on some fab dance weekenders!

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    1. Thanks for the advice, we do treat her for fleas and worms every few months even though she’s an indoor cat, but I think she just likes her food and gets impatient because she knows roughly when her meals are due. ☺️

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