Setting My Intention


A little while ago, I read an article in the Guardian that said the ‘thank you’ card is dying out in the age of instant communications. As a child, Boxing Day and the day after my birthday were always spent writing thank you cards at the insistence of my mum, who always wrote a list of what I’d received from whom because she believed it was rude not to acknowledge a gift. Back then, it felt like a chore, when I’d much rather be playing with, reading or eating the gifts I’d received. As an adult, writing thank you cards has become a tradition which I’ve chosen to keep (though my timescales have slipped without mum overseeing my efforts!).

One of the things I’ve always admired about my mum is her sense of gratitude; no matter what challenges, sorrows or hardships life has thrown at her, mum has always believed in counting her blessings and her sense of contentment is enviable, and gratefulness is something she inspires in me.

It might be easier to send an e-mail, a text message or make a quick phone call but my preferred method is the old fashioned thank you card. There is still something lovely about taking the time to choose a card, handwriting a personal message and posting it. As letters and cards give way to methods of instant communication, I hope it’s a pleasant surprise for the recipient when the envelope drops through the letterbox amongst the bills and circulars.

Today with a grateful heart, I set my intention for the next twelve months of my life to slow down and notice all the blessings in my life. Have a lovely week.